Breville Series Water Filters BWF100 Orange Substance

When I recently purchased some new BWF100 water filters for my BES860 recently I noticed they no longer contained a black charcoal substance but instead seemed to have a bright orange resin-like material inside. I wondered if perhaps they were fake or counterfeit and contacted Breville support to determine if they were genuine.

Breville support confirmed:

Yes the Resin crystals inside the filter are an orange colour in the New type BWF100 Filters

So it seems if you have filters with an orange substance inside it’s no immediate¬†cause for concern if you know they came from a real source. That said, there are many counterfeit¬†filters around on the Aussie market especially eBay. Given you are drinking the stuff that passes through these filters I STRONGLY recommend getting your filters from a known source (Harvey Norman, JB HiFi, David Jones, etc. many Aussie retailers sell genuine filters). If you purchased your filters on eBay and have no idea if they are genuine you could literally be drinking poison and I suggest you throw them out if you can’t verify their authenticity. Another option is to have the filtered water tested for chemicals.

Applicable to:

– Breville BES980 Espresso Machine
– Breville BES920 Espresso Machine
– Breville BES900 Espresso Machine
– Breville BES870 Espresso Machine
– Breville BES860 Espresso Machine
– Fresca series


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