Automate homebridge backups on RPI

The article provides a guide for automating Homebridge backups on a Raspberry Pi, without using the UI. The guide also includes cron setup and backup file pruning and rotation. It can be utilised for backing up anything on a Raspberry Pi or linux system.

How to get AWS s3 cli to work with AWS Lightsail instances

How to get Amazon Lightsail to connect with AWS S3 using the Lightsail CLI. Resolve Access Denied errors. Transfer files from Lightsail to S3 using the CLI.

How to boot FreeNas / TrueNAS on HP Proliant using SSD in ODD / Bay 5

How to get FreeNAS / TrueNAS to boot on an HP Proliant using an SSD installed in the Optical Disk Drive bay ODD / Bay 5.

Mavic 3 Obstacle Avoidance Vision Positioning System

Vision positioning system / obstacle avoidance system not working on new DJI mavic 3 / mavic 3 cine

How to select JAL seats on a Qantas international awards booking

Booked a Qantas award flight on JAL and can't select your seats. Well depending on how picky you are you won't need to call the call centre. Read on

How to minimise Missed Slot Leader checks / missed blocks with stake pool ADA Cardano node

Are you getting a high number of missed blocks / missed slot leader checks in gLiveView or on your Grafana dashboard? Not to worry so are most people. There's a couple of things you can do to reduce this.

How to get your Sony PS5 to talk 4K HDR RGB 120Hz on the BRAVIA X900H

How to get full 4k HDR and RGB colour modes working with the Sony PS5 and Bravia X900H series using HDMI 2.1. Solve: "4K HDR is not supported" and "When displaying 4K HDR content at 60Hz, the colour format will be YUV422 or YUV3V420 instead of RGB due to the HDMI 2.0 transfer speed limitations" errors.

How to fix Kaspersky blocking web UI for routers with connection reset error

How to resolve Kaspersky blocking your routers web interface with connection reset errors

DDNS UDM Pro / Unifi Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro

How to get DDNS / Dynamic DNS working with the Uniquiti Unifi UDM Pro / Dream Machine Pro. Same applies for the UDM / Dream Machine. Configs provided for popular DDNS providers such as DuckDNS and no-ip

How to fix Sonarr update failure

Fix failed updates in Sonarr: "/tmp/nzbdrone_backup/config.xml" is denied "/tmp/nzbdrone_backup/config.xml" is denied.