Copy Battlefield 4 from one computer to another without redownloading

Don’t want to download 30GB of BF4 content twice, no problem – follow the steps below and you can copy your existing download to a second (third, forth, etc) computer.

  1. Locate your Battlefield4 folder on the main computer where you have already downloaded battlefield 4 (you can find out where your games are stored by opening Origin and selecting Origin>Application Settings>Advanced (tab)>Downloaded Games – this will show you the path)
  2. Plugin your external harddrive or flashdrive you want to use to copy the game over to the new computer (you can also use network sharing if needed)
  3. Copy the Battlefield 4 folder to the new computer/drive
  4. On the new computer open origin and check where your files are stored using the same technique as step 1
  5. In origin on the new computer click download battlefield 4 (after the download gets to 1% quit origin (don’t stop the download just quit origin from the task bar)
  6. Copy the backup of Battlefield 4 from your main computer over the top of the folder on the new computer that you just created
  7. Let it finish copying
  8. Open origin on the new computer and wait a few seconds – the download bar will change to 100% and it will start installing
  9. Click “install” if it shows up otherwise you should now be good to go


  1. By Aivis Paivis


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