How to migrate torrents from uTorrent to Deluge

Moving from uTorrent to Deluge and don’t want to have to re-organise and re-download all of your completed files / seeds?

There’s a script to save the day!

Things to do before you start

  • Make sure you have setup Deluge (download folders, proxy settings, etc.)

When ready to import:

  1. Simply head over here and download the relevant plugin for Deluge (.egg file) – depends on your version of Python installed
  2. Open deluge
  3. Go to settings > Plugins
  4. Add new plugin (locate and select the egg file from earlier)
  5. Enable the plugin
  6. It will now appear on the left in the settings menu
  7. Click on the plugin, check the settings then when ready click ‘Begin Import”
  8. All your torrents will be imported.

how to move torrents from utorrent to deluge

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