How to resolve Breville Coffee / Espresso Machine Low Pressure issues

I purchased a Breville BES860 Professional Series coffee machine some time ago (2 years). It’s worked flawlessly and produced great results up until recently when I started noticing that the pressure gauge wasn’t showing any pressure at the group head. I tried cleaning, de-calcifying, etc. No luck. Pressure still showed very low and eventually after a week or so stopped moving completely.

I searched the Breville forums and noticed many many users with the same issues. Many people say change beans; however, it’s nothing to do with the beans. The problem is with the design of the pressure gauge – it’s a poor design of the piping that runs to the pressure guage which apparently (according to the tech) tees off from the main line that goes to the group head and gets blocked. Initially this will display as low pressure, eventually no pressure when it’s fully blocked. De-calcification does not seem to clear it unfortunately.

Some threads of note:

What did I think the problem was:

  • A seal had a hole in it or the 3 way valve was stuck

How I got the issue solved / resolved?

  • Unfortunately this was not a DIY solution – however if you can order the parts and know what you are doing you could do it yourself.
  • I took my machine into the authorised service centre and got them to have a look – they fixed it within 24 hours and it was a reasonable cost ($130)
  • They replaced the following parts (you could use this to order the parts and DIY): BES860/08.9 Water Inlet Seal and BES860/14.77 Solenoid Valve Connector (it worked for a few coffees then returned to failed state)
  • I took it back again and they replaced the pressure gauge (no part number provided) for free. This resolve the issue and it’s gone strong for another few hundred coffees since.
  • I would suggest you replace all three parts as the seal, etc. are cheap. The pressure gauge is likely a bit more expensive.

Also appears to impact the following models:
BES800 / BES860 / BES900 / Professional Series / Fresca / BES860XL

Note: Many people have also reported running a 50% water 50% white vinegar mix and flushing it through a number of times has helped. This would only help if your issue is scale / calcium buildup related.


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