Error: could not open ‘C:\Windows\jre\lib\amd64\jvm.cfg’

Trying to run a Java app on windows and keep getting this error? There’s a few things you should check

  • First – check the Windows/system32 folder and delete “java.exe, javaw.exe and javaws.exe” these can be left over from previous installs / or 32 bit versions if you are running 64bit windows
  • If you are running 64bit Windows (open the start menu and right click on your computer and select “properties” it will show the version of Windows running and will state 64-bit)
    • Then you need to be running 64bit Java JDK and/or JRE
    • Uninstall any that show up in the windows ‘add/remove software’ tool without the (64 bit) after their name.
    • Download and reinstall the 64bit versions and restart
  • Check your Environmental Variables
    • Search for ‘advanced system settings’ and click on ‘view advanced system settings’ – proceed with next step
    • or Right Click ‘This PC’ in the start menu and select properties then select ‘advanced system settings’
    • Click on Environment Variables
      • Check that JAVA_HOME is set to the path of your correct 64 or 32 bit JDK
      • Check that the PATH variable includes the path to the /bin folder of the correct java installation

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