Fix slow folder sort by date time on Windows

Does your downloads folder or any other folder in Windows take forever to load the items in order? Chances are you are using the old “Date” field and not the “Date Modified” field. The old date field relies on info buried in the files and takes a long time to process. The “Date Modified” field is almost instant. By default the downloads folder in windows seems to sort by “Date” and therefore as files accumulate in this folder it takes a very long time to sort when you open the folder.

To resolve this:

  • In Windows Explorer open the folder that is taking a long time to sort / filter items by date
  • Right click on the “Date” field in the toolbar
  • Make sure “Date Modified or Date Created” is checked, and uncheck “Date”
  • You will now have access to your new date field and left clicking will allow you to sort by date much faster

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